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From NFTs to Gaming to Metaverse. This is RMH Token and beyond. 

Unique one of a kind game!

Human silhouette with lights and reflections giving the appearance of a super hero from ot

   Lightning Man Game  "Being Developed Now."

Game Background:

Lightning Man Summary

WGA Registration Number: 1923218

Logline: After being struck by supernatural lightning, a skeptical surgeon is forced to seek counsel from a tortured psychic to save him from certain death and destruction.


Calvin Youngblood, M.D., is a gifted young surgeon who was struck by a most-unusual form of lightning, the Red Sprite.  An incidental NASA discovery, it is found to be one of the most powerful forms of energy on earth.  He survives, but he has become someone, or something else.  His maddening transformation takes him to the brink of insanity, as he begins a journey of self-discovery.


With science and logic well past gone, the skeptic turned desperate protagonist now begs for answers. His search brings him to his antitheses, a local psychic named Glenna. Calvin’s aura strikes Glenna with a profound conviction, one that she has a cosmic duty to recognize. She asserts that Calvin is not a victim of circumstance, but destiny. 

Despite Glenna’s connection to Calvin, she is utterly compromised by the story’s antagonist, Ulrich. Although appearing to be human, Ulrich and his sociopathic butler, Dominique, have been seeking and destroying “chosen ones” like Calvin for centuries. To ensure that the sun will one day stop rising, Ulrich must track and kill Calvin before Calvin can mature into a formidable opponent.

Disenchanted by Glenna, and haunted by Ulrich, Calvin finds himself approaching an apocalyptic trajectory that will not only lead to his death, but also send humanity into a perpetual state of darkness.

Ramit Ram P2E Game 

"Being Developed Now."
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