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Road Map

RMH founders and lead tech developers are all American born and raised. We oversee team members from around the world to help accomplish the goal of bringing our roadmap to fruition. This gives us the unique position to be able to work together in person when needed without costly delays.


PHASE 1 Q1 2023

  • Website creation

  • Whitepaper and Legal Opinion

  • Social media and marketing created

  • Smart contract launch

  • Proprietary utility development apps and DAPPS for businesses.

  • Business , organizations and healthcare decentralized Apps Web3 website access for RMH
    Utility Token holders.

  • Massive marketing campaign


PHASE 2 Q2 2022

  • CURES ACT integration apps for healthcare facilities.
    Contracts with businesses, organizations and healthcare and wellness providers for upgrades to their
    current systems through blockchain, AI, metaverse as well as other technology-based applications.

  • Launch of the Ramit Ram game 

  • NFT sale of NonFungible-Tokens. (RMH only)

  • The first minting and sales of the RMH Token NFT collections.

  • Dao Community Contest for giveaways to RMH Utility
    Token Holders
    Grants awarded for business, organizations and healthcare, wellness, and community


PHASE 3 Q3 2023

  • Metaverse Integration for Land for future use as healthcare,wellness, and telemedicine centers as well as business AI and a NFT Art Gallery.
    RMH Utility Token DAO community voting on Burns for the
    RMH Utility Token supply.
    Additional contracts with multi-country business, organizations and healthcare and wellness centers for use of our RMH Utility Token technology applications and platforms.
    New Podcast for RMH holders.

Phase 4   Q4    2023

Phase 5   Q1    2024

Phase 6   Q2   2024

  • Release of MetaverseTelehealth Center

  • Release of the newest game for Lightning Man Character

  • RMH utility token contracts to be included Deferred Comp and 401K retirement systems 

  • Community contest for RMH token holders. 

  • White paper updated

  • Token burns

  • Mediswap no fee DEX for healthcare communities

  • Government contracts for the use of the RMH token within their payment systems.

  • Access to Dr. Snodgrass M.D., F.A.C.S., clinically-provenProtein Snack for patients, medical and wellness facilitieswhere available.

  • Token burns

  • Metaverse expansion for the RMH token art gallery

  • Version two of the Ramit Ram games

  • NFT Platform for the creation and sale of personal NFTs by RMH token holders

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