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RMH Token is not a "Meme Token"

RMH IS Healthcare and Beyond!

RMHToken is merely an extension of our service-oriented backgrounds to provide real use case in a desperately needed multi-trillion dollar healthcare arena. Along with healthcare we strive to work with all business types to assist them in system upgrades, and cost saving system integretions.  

Locations + Opennig Hours
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When it comes to Utilities and Use Case.  Y on Earth would you look anywhere else?  RMH Token is not a hype token. We have real world use case and utilities that continues to grow. Ram Medical Token is for healthcare and beyond.  Aside from our healthcare technology we have NFTs, onboarding in October, 2022.  Additional healthcare technology and apps.  The RMH Development Team is building a play to earn game and a second one of a kind game that will blow your mind.  Metaverse integration is not far off in the distant future.  As a company we continue to offer utilities and use case ahead of our roadmap schedule. Please join us on this mission to bring a non-hype token to the masses. We solve real world problems as well as entertain.  

Preparing Surgeons

From Sugeries to Research

As a surgeon, most of my practice consisted of patients who suffered from serious injuries and/or illnesses. Concerning the latter, a significant number of these patients had cancer, especially breast cancer. My mom, dad and the vast majority of my patients survived cancer. Two of my uncles and some of my patients did not. That is what drives me to be a strong advocate for people. We have real doctors leading the way for health and wellness DAPPS, APPS and technology to make healthcare cheaper, faster and more effecient.

Ultimately, our goal is to become a leader in research/development and implementation of projects dealing with the nation’s businesses, organizations and healthcare organizations and then growing the use case into other needed areas.  In fact, discussions have already begun.  Blockchain technology, AI and cryptocurrency will no doubt play a significant role in all our lives, especially for all businesses, organizations and healthcare-related areas as I see it from my background as a surgeon.  We see virtually endless opportunities. It is a very exciting time. We want to make a positive difference in human lives. We invite you to join us. Let RMH Token LLC do an evlauation of your company or organization's tech systems to see if there are ways to improve on what you currently utilze. We can advise on potential fixes, and structures to upgrade your tech if you desire.

Main Goal. 

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